Thursday, 26 February 2009

Crochet Hexagon - Part 3

Well it's been a few days now so I thought I'd show you my progress!!

The hexes are getting easier. I'm still a bit cack-handed on the joining together, but will persevere to save on all that sewing at the end! I keep forgetting to catch the ends in as I go too, but I reckon I've remembered over half, so a little bit of time saved there. I'm still really pleased with the effect, just need a baby girl to go with it now.....

Must mention that Lucy at Attic24, where I got the details of the hexes, is now famous! Tonight I read on her blog that she has appeared in Simply Knitting magazine this month, so well done Lucy!!

Work has been hectic as normal, but not as hectic as deciding which WIP to do next. One secret project (you'll see when it's finished!), more hexes, a lonely sock needing a friend and umpteen items for the Charity knitting (shoebox appeal) that need sewing up, ribs or tassels!!!

I went on the knitting machine for the first time this year and it was VERY tempermental. It's a Bond Elite from 1988, very manual, but does DK and fatter. I love it alot! I'm still at rectangle stage, but it's amazing what little things you can make from a squarish bit of knitting!! Think I may save up for a posh 'un, but that might involve selling Rodger (the car, not the other half!)

That's all for now, time for a lovely cup of tea before bed. Night all x

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Let me speak!!!

Why won't the word verification let me post comments?! Argh!!!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Crochet Hexagon - Part 2

The hex now has some little friends! Six 'nearly' done buddies, all looking promising! It's getting easier with each one, although catching the loose yarns in as you go along really is "all fingers and thumbs", infact so many digits in the way I can hardly see the crochet. I am keeping at it though!

Only problems so far are that I have no more lilac yarn, found three people with little baby girls and a bald patch on my head through pulling my hair out! (Joke!) So I have adapted my design to include some white and pink hexes until I get more supplies, and planning cot size instead of single bed size - should be able to get them done hopefully!! Unfortunately I will probably be bored with pink by then, only time will tell.

Work has been fab this week but I am now looking forward to two whole days all to myself, bet you can't guess what I'll be doing!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Crochet Hexagon

Ooooooo! I'm so excited! My first crocheted hexagon. I found this pattern on Attic24's blog, I don't know if this has created a link to the site, (another steep learning curve, I'm exhausted!) but if you can find it - it's absolutely fantastic!! Thank you, Lucy at Attic24!

Having only done granny squares before I seemed to peeve everyone with different size squares as gifts - blankets, mini blankets, cushion covers, pot holders, coasters etc, etc - the first one or two were graciously accepted, then the screams of PLEASE NO MORE!

So 10 years later, a long enough gap I feel, I intend to treat my nearest and dearest to a new range! I love them! I haven't mastered catching in the ends as I go, but will try this on the next hex. It will save hours of work so I'll persevere!

Oh, the 2 needle sock is finished, as in ONE sock is finished, not the pair! As soon as it's sewn up and there is a pair I will put a piccie up!

I am a very happy crafting bunny, there is something sooo rewarding about learning new stuff. Definitely good for ones soul, (or should that be sole?!) a bit like sunshine! Bliss .........

Weather - The End

Well hopefully this is now the end of the bad weather here...... For all of you who think I've been a little paranoid, a sad tale.

My buddy L2 got stranded in the floods this week. She spent two hours waiting to be saved and was eventually towed out by a tractor. I asked her how deep the water was, she said "up to the top of my boots, INSIDE the car!" The car (Fred) is unfortunately quite poorly now, L2 is back to her super wonderful self!


Wednesday, 11 February 2009

My first 2 needle sock!

Well as promised..... My 2 needle sock!!
Unfortunately after finding the camera, recharging the batteries and re-installing software, I found I hadn't really left myself enough time to finish the stupid sock!!
Imagine a few more rows of rib, another decrease set and increase set. Fold in half at the decrease/increase 'v' that you can see (this is the toe) join the sem on the rectangle bit and hey presto - one sock!!
I am awaiting delivery of some non-slip thingies for the sole (wanted leather soles, but presume these are not washable?) so will hopefully have a finished article soon!

Monday, 9 February 2009

More Weather!!

Quick update - it's snowing and settling between the receding water! You have to see it to believe it!!

Weather and Learning Curves

Firstly, it's finally stopped snowing, Yippee! Instead we have 6 inches of water flowing past the front door, drivers kindly washing my windows at 40mph (idiots)! I have now have two (official) days off work, so no more weather worries for a while.

Secondly, I am going to attempt putting some pics on here. Probably alot easier than I imagine! I am currently knitting a pair of 2-needle socks from a made up pattern. Made up from patterns on KPC and some big needles, they're coming along well considering I'm reasonably new to "experimental" knitting. Real proof coming soon!

Lastly, have some new books on loan so will let you know my thoughts. Bear in mind they are from a knitter with 30 years experience of being a beginner!! From looking at the pictures my favourite is Knitted Cakes. I have a serious weakness for cake so am a little bias though!!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Weather

Well it looks stunning outside. Gloriously white and sunny.

Ah, but look down it's brown and sludgy. The ice rink outside is now melting. It's the second day I've not made it to work and I'm bored, bored, bored!

Don't get me wrong..... any normal day off work I cannot find enough hours in the day for all the UFO's and WIP's that are waiting for me to finish my latest craze and get back to them. Never mind the early spring clean I have planned!

But just sitting and waiting for the weather to improve, thinking I'll be able to go in a minute, means you don't pick up something to do because you may have 10 minutes, maybe an hour, that turns into a whole day - WAITING!!

So can the weather just sort itself out and stop running my life. I've got socks to knit!

Friday, 6 February 2009

My First Post!

I thought my first post shouldn't really be all about me... so here's something that is very important to me instead.

Most church goers and families with young children have heard of the Shoebox Appeal that happens every Autumn in the UK. Many of us think it's a great idea but have reasons as to why they never do it! Money, family, time, memory!! So try this instead.....

Through work I have started a campaign to collect hand crafted items, especially knitted, to send to the organisers of the Shoebox Appeal in October 2009. Items required can be found on the Operation Christmas Child website. I have also produced a craft ideas booklet to raise money towards the final transportation costs.

Started in Nov 2008, it has proved hugely successful, over 200 booklets sold and over 500 items donated. It works because most crafters have little bits left over from every project to make something extra and drop it in. Small hand made notebooks, necklaces, fabric purses, knitted hats, mittens, the list is endless!!!

Maybe you could start something similar at your craft group, sheltered housing, guides, WI, school? Let me know if I've inspired you!!