Friday, 6 February 2009

My First Post!

I thought my first post shouldn't really be all about me... so here's something that is very important to me instead.

Most church goers and families with young children have heard of the Shoebox Appeal that happens every Autumn in the UK. Many of us think it's a great idea but have reasons as to why they never do it! Money, family, time, memory!! So try this instead.....

Through work I have started a campaign to collect hand crafted items, especially knitted, to send to the organisers of the Shoebox Appeal in October 2009. Items required can be found on the Operation Christmas Child website. I have also produced a craft ideas booklet to raise money towards the final transportation costs.

Started in Nov 2008, it has proved hugely successful, over 200 booklets sold and over 500 items donated. It works because most crafters have little bits left over from every project to make something extra and drop it in. Small hand made notebooks, necklaces, fabric purses, knitted hats, mittens, the list is endless!!!

Maybe you could start something similar at your craft group, sheltered housing, guides, WI, school? Let me know if I've inspired you!!

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