Monday, 16 February 2009

Crochet Hexagon - Part 2

The hex now has some little friends! Six 'nearly' done buddies, all looking promising! It's getting easier with each one, although catching the loose yarns in as you go along really is "all fingers and thumbs", infact so many digits in the way I can hardly see the crochet. I am keeping at it though!

Only problems so far are that I have no more lilac yarn, found three people with little baby girls and a bald patch on my head through pulling my hair out! (Joke!) So I have adapted my design to include some white and pink hexes until I get more supplies, and planning cot size instead of single bed size - should be able to get them done hopefully!! Unfortunately I will probably be bored with pink by then, only time will tell.

Work has been fab this week but I am now looking forward to two whole days all to myself, bet you can't guess what I'll be doing!


  1. Enjoy your days off and don't pull out all of your hair or you'll have to wear a wolly hat!!

  2. when you get bred with pink you can start on blue for you know who! for some strange reason my sign in name as Emmaandsam was changed by the blog :-s confused