Thursday, 26 February 2009

Crochet Hexagon - Part 3

Well it's been a few days now so I thought I'd show you my progress!!

The hexes are getting easier. I'm still a bit cack-handed on the joining together, but will persevere to save on all that sewing at the end! I keep forgetting to catch the ends in as I go too, but I reckon I've remembered over half, so a little bit of time saved there. I'm still really pleased with the effect, just need a baby girl to go with it now.....

Must mention that Lucy at Attic24, where I got the details of the hexes, is now famous! Tonight I read on her blog that she has appeared in Simply Knitting magazine this month, so well done Lucy!!

Work has been hectic as normal, but not as hectic as deciding which WIP to do next. One secret project (you'll see when it's finished!), more hexes, a lonely sock needing a friend and umpteen items for the Charity knitting (shoebox appeal) that need sewing up, ribs or tassels!!!

I went on the knitting machine for the first time this year and it was VERY tempermental. It's a Bond Elite from 1988, very manual, but does DK and fatter. I love it alot! I'm still at rectangle stage, but it's amazing what little things you can make from a squarish bit of knitting!! Think I may save up for a posh 'un, but that might involve selling Rodger (the car, not the other half!)

That's all for now, time for a lovely cup of tea before bed. Night all x


  1. ahh i love it!! i still reckon you should sell the other half rather than the car (although you might not get so much for it?!)are you guna make the blanket square in the end with some fancy edging and half hexes?? also im intrigued about this secret project! although you've probs already told me lol! i've decided there are simply too many birthdays in march to knit for- 4 friends and 1 year old niece! at least ive already made her poncho though.. happy knitting! xx (oh and crocheting)

  2. That is coming on well and a good idea to join as you go - I hate all the sewing up too.


  3. How lovely these are looking, I love how the white rounds look like starbursts in amongst the blue and pink...
    oh, and eh-hem, you are very generous, but I don't think I can be classified as famous, but sweet of you to mention me that way :o)