Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Hats & Hexes

Good Evening! I've been a busy bee in the last few days, trying to reduce the number of WIP's definitely a priority. Excuse the quality of the photograph, I leave it too late in the day for taking piccies so they are all lit by low energy bulbs!!

As you can see the Hexes are coming along, I still love them, every single one!! I reckon it has to be a third of the intended size already... a pram blanket was my thinking - so I can start on my next crochet project!

I actually managed to finish 5 hats and a finger puppet that have been sitting in my WIP bag, all destined for the Shoebox Appeal. [Update 2/3/09 we have sold 234 booklets and collected 714 items since 8/11/08. People are so very, very generous with their time, skills and money.]

Two of the hats have been knitted with 'new to me' yarns. Patons FAB Spray in the brown and Patons Baby FAB Spray in the pink. They actually feel softer than the standard Patons FAB, which I use mostly for my charity knits, but I'm not sure how that can be - both are 100% Acrylic DK yarns. Well I'm pretty happy with them, so will be adding a 'few' more balls to my stash this week!!

Congratulations to Keldykelds for completing two crochet squares!!! If you can master these you can crochet anything..... apparently!


  1. Good work - I've seen these in reality too. It feels good to complete a few WIPs now and again!!


  2. hehe you can call me by my real name if you like, im sure there arnt too many stalking knitters/crochet-ers out there lol!! also.. you didnt show me all of those hats!!! loving the WIP abbreviation- its like knitting text language! kelds