Friday, 6 March 2009

A Jolly Tough Day

Ooo today has been a toughie. Along with a couple of real grumbly customers, whom I'm sure just come out to upset people - staff and other customers, I've had a personally distressing moment!! (Slight exaggeration, you'll see!)

As you know I'm happy knitting my little bits for charity. I thoroughly enjoy it, it uses up a wee bit of my stash and gives me an excuse to buy lots more lovely yarns. Today a lady picked up one of my little hats, admittingly in Lime Green, and said "what poor child will have to wear that?"!! I promptly piped up "I knitted that!" Ouch!

I've always thought that a child who has nothing (and I mean these children have NOTHING. Some are living rough on the edge of rubbish dumps, it's heartbreaking) would love something cheery that was theirs to keep. Maybe I'm wrong? Do they think 'yuk, I hate green'?

It has made me think.... although I have now decided that I do 'my bit' for the right reasons, it made me feel quite uneasy for a bit. I don't know why.

That was the 'tough' bit, now for the JOLLY! As always my Hexes are constantly at my side and I showed three people today who were completely in awe (I reckon!) of my blankie. They were positively gushing over the beauty and wonder of the little hexes all joined together in harmony!! ( I may be exaggerating again?!) This obviously made La-la-land and the world happy and shiny again. Ahh, that's much better!

No more pictures for a minute. After looking at Lucy's (Attic24) beautiful photos I feel I really ought to bond with my camera and daylight! Her photographs are stunning, they seem to make you feel like you are looking at things in real life, so much detail and colour. I'm not saying I'll be producing this quality any time soon, but I aim to improve!

I'm off to love my hexes now....


  1. Ahhh thanks for the photograhic compliment, I'm blushing!
    Trick is to always try and get good natural daylight, no flash. And think about the background colours/texture as much as the subject itself. Just my experience, I am no pro, i only point and shoot with a small digital camera, honest :o)
    Have a great wkend, hope there's no Red Mist involved (made me laugh that comment!)

  2. Hope you have a better day today!!


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! Glad to hear there is someone who remembers the FAB 80's. Totally awesome! OMG! That is so bad. :)

    I love the colors that you are using on your hexie. My girls think it is pretty awesome too!

    It is true that Lucy's pic are pretty darn FAB! She's good even though she says she's not a pro. :)

    Hope to see you back again.

    kar xxxx

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment. When I can see properly I'll have a good old read of your blog!


  5. Hi, thanks for popping by, I am also going to have to bond with my camera, trouble is I can never find it when the sun is shining so end up taking photo's with the flash.

    I love the blanket, the colours are awesome! never mind the customers I know they are allegedly "always right" but I use to annoy the hell out of them by agreeing with them, it really took the wind out of their sails!

    I too am experimenting with crochet, I have a few items to photo, I have been donated loads of wool so if you want any extra bits and bobs crochet'd up for your donations box let me know and I will endeavour to send some stuff your way.

    take care
    Alex x

  6. ahhh we'd love some more donations thank you ever so much! just if you're wondering i work with the loopy one!! :D