Tuesday, 24 March 2009

My First Flowers

Today has been a Flowery day for me. 7 o'clock this morning I was trying some crochet flowers, my first attempt and even I'm impressed!!!! Hopefully more pictures tomorrow as I'm rushing off to make more!! Patterns courtesy of Lucy at Attic24 and 201 Crochet blah.

L2 came back from her hols in the Maldives last night and is still sporting a delicious glowing tan (much to my pasty disappointment!) today. She brought me a beautiful bunch of red tulips which are proudly displayed on my mantelpiece. I keep looking at them, can't help myself!!

So apart from the compulsory housework and car cleaning - today has been a happy, sunny one!

Right, I'm off. Flower making has become urgent!!!


  1. oooooo yes I'm so proud of you hun!! :o)
    They look great...what ya going to do with them, any ideas?? I'm looking for creative way to employ my crochet flower garden thats growing by the day

  2. I keep making flowers, I bought the 200 flowers book that attic 24 had and I am a little confussed by their patterns and they use symbols, wierd lines and dashes.... I am not sure I am ready for this next step... and what do you mean addicted..... me ... no way! don't ask what time I went to bed last night , and then I was up at 6 did packed lunches put cITV on for Danny and settled down to crochet till I had to shout at people to get up or they would miss their buses!
    Parenting is ace!!!

    Make a crochet bag and cover it in all manner of flowers!

    X Alex

  3. Nice flowers - good way to spend a day off

  4. just had a look to see if there was an update yet ....NO! c'mon!!!