Sunday, 29 March 2009

Newly Single

Well what can I say. I have now been single for just over 24 hours. It's a strange feeling after such a long time. (11 years one boyfriend, straight into 7 and a bit years boyfriend). An uncomfortable but amicable break down, no real dramas, just dawning reality I s'pose.

I am sort of relieved, sort of excited, sort of lonely and quite scared! 18 years ago I'm sure dating was different. Being a little old fashioned in my ways when it comes to these kinds of things everything seems to move so quickly, I'm hoping romance does still exist, especially that white knight in his shining armour!!! I do believe people have a soul mate and are meant to share their lives, so lets hope eh!

My crochet isn't growing very quickly as my mind keeps wandering. The blanket was for SM's cousin. How does that work now?? So my enthusiasm has waned a little - and only 11 hexes to go, bum! I think flowers are the way to go for the time being, masses of them! Just have to work out how to turn them into posie brooches. How do I stop them being floppy?? How do I attach them to felt??!

Am going off now to seek brooch finishing hints - first stop Attic24!! Happy days are on the way! Yay!


  1. Chin up my dear, I found my soul mate after a seven year first boyfriend and a couple of rebound relationships.... I found that you attract a man if you don't appear desperate, they seem to be attracted to ladies that are just having fun and are not really looking, so I should just get out there are have some fun! but no binge drinking now!lol
    Mr P is my soul mate, we seem to know what each other is thinking and are very connected, however when I first met him I told my friend " yeah sure he's really nice, but I can't go out with him... he's too short!" Mr P is shorter than me and I had always imagined being with someone whom I could at least dance with and put my head on his shoulder, but he really loves me and I wouldn't be without him, even though he drives me nuts sometimes! lol

    I hope you finish the blanket, and I am not sure how to stiffen flowers and I really must get some brooch pins to make some flower badges myself...

    Big hugs

  2. Keep smiling - I'm sure you will find a soulmate!

  3. Hi
    See you have found support on here too! Don't despair, there are other 'old fashioned' types out there ... like me! Unless you're looking for a toy boy ... you'll have to wait 18 yrsfor my LM!!
    I can recommend the internet!
    As for the blanket - why not auction it for one of your charity causes?

    Hope to see you soon

    Emma xXx