Thursday, 12 March 2009

Crochet Hexagon - Part 4

The Hexes are still growing! I think another row of 2 white and another of 3 white will make this about the right size. I know there's a few ends to weave in, I got a bit carried away and forgot to catch them in as I went along, and a humungus (Hmm, real word??) edging to do yet - but you can tell it's a blankie now! I'm going to edge in white, thought twice about it getting grubby, but if you squint your eyes it needs more white!! (That is actually a proper technique for getting tonal values REALLY!!)

I'm still thoroughly enjoying making it and have even bought the yarn for making blues version! I know a gorgeous little boy who would look even more gorgeous on a delicious blankie!

As I can't seem to add pictures inbetween my text there is 3 separate ones, sorry!


  1. haha im sure you've added more since work! lets not mention how much money you spent on wool today eh!!

  2. Sshhh!!! The new wool is still hidden in the boot. I daren't bring it in whilst SM is home!

  3. haha sm does that stand for silly, sexy or shit man?

  4. The blanket is a real eye turner, I think the white edging will definately frame it well...

    Its that knowing when to stop that gets me!

    X Alex