Thursday, 19 March 2009

New Books!

Oooo, I love buying wool at the moment! I can't stop.......

The added bonus of all this wonderful stash is that you have to plan projects a long way ahead. So just incase I run out of ideas from my head I thought I would have no choice but to invest in a couple of books. Some of you would class this as a lovely treat, a way to dream when you don't have enough hands to crochet every beautiful blankie, cushion, flower etc running through your mind. No, these are necessary, important, colourful, beautiful, inspiring, drool-covered books!!

Oooo, I love them!! Sitting here I have nobody to go 'Oooo, ah, wow, I love that one' with. Nobody to get excited with. Nobody to go 'Ooo that would love fab as a....' with. SM and Tigs don't have the same enthusiasm for yarn crafts as I do, although Tigs does show his appreciation by sitting on any finished square/hex/triangle that I try to photograph, which is better than nothing I s'pose!

The second piccie is four of the blocks from 200 Crochet Blocks. Although they look quite stark in the photo they are actually brown, cream and cherry. I decided to have a go at EVERY block in the book using the same three colours so I can make one giant blankie. Although number 189 must be beyond me cos I can't do it (Argh!) and they don't all come out EXACTLY the same size as it says it the book. But hey ho, I still love it.

The second book 201 Crochet blah, blah, I only got today. I shouldn't have really because now it is my absolute favourite!! I want to make EVERY motif in the book. Obviously having three crochet WIP's, plus the 200 Blocks (4 done) and now 201 new things my hook will have smoke coming off it!! I wish I could crochet whilst sleeping, whilst bathing, whilst eating, whilst driving, whilst working - all these hours I could be creating wee individual items of hooky beauty!

Off now to look at more delicious pictures when I should be finishing my hexes blankie (baby due in 3 weeks!), but I can't help myself!


  1. Oh I have looked at both those books on Amazon and I decided to go with the 200 flowers to knit and crochet... I read somewhere that a study showed that whilst crocheting the brain is in a medative state, exactly the same as actual meditation.... could this be why it is so additive... because it does make you feel better, calmer and more relaxed! I have been crocheting little pouches and fish....and a beach bag, but that is for a swap partner in Australia... Mr P was most put out when I crocheted a pouch for the mobile internet dongle and lead! lol

    I really must photograph everything and do a post!:)

    love your squares, the colour way is fab!

    Take care,
    Have a yarn filled weekend,

  2. I have just noticed the last bit.... are you having a baby or is it a friend or something!?

    X Alex

  3. You are as bad as I am for buying yarn and books and also itching to try every new pattern I see before I've finished what I'm a working on!! It is a serious addiction but don't think we need treatment!!!

    Val W

  4. Hi Luci
    Have you finished your hexs yet? Like the mixed squares ... colours and different patterns throughout make it even better. How many projects have you got on the go now??!!!

    ps - you didn't look that pregnant last time I saw you!!!

  5. ooo nothing better than a new inspirational book...I'm still working my way through my new flower book, its ace!
    Looking forward to following your progress :o)

  6. ahh like the idea! i would have been there to ooh and ahh over the squares, in fact i already did lol! also i seem to recall last time i looked you were crocheting at work.. and i dont reckon it would be too hard in a bath just stick a tray across lol! I will have to add some of my own new posts when i get home :) see you in a min!